Our Story

reVistor is changing the landscape of augmented reality

The Idea

The story of the reVistor project began in 2015 when during an annual Civil War history trip with my Mom to Malvern Hill in Virginia. Alone on that battlefield, I commented to her that ‘one day you won’t just have to imagine troops marching up this Hill – you’ll be able to see them with augmented reality.’ My Mom, always with her Philly fight in her said, ‘Why don’t you do it!?’ I deferred, saying that another big company was probably all over it, but promised to do some research.

Research away I did, and found that most Augmented Reality (AR) relies on either markers or image recognition and at that time one could not place a 3D object at a specific location and then see it from a distance, walk up to it, walk around it, etc. That was the goal. I posted the idea on a freelancer website and was inundated with offers to develop my app. One potential provider took the time to not send a canned message, understood the complexity and the goal of the initiative, and a test project was born.

Many months, many morning calls and many, many iterations later, we have a working product and a patent pending. We have created Augmented Reality scenes of hundreds of Civil War solidies, recreated the First Flight with motion, and even a Civil War skirmish with advancing and firing troops – and are just getting started! One day we hope to create major pitched battles with full motion, as hardware and software technology continues to evolve. Help us make it a reality!

We believe that people learn from experiencing events rather than reading about them; and this technology strives to create immersive memories. Likewise, we strive to make history more engaging to our younger generations via mobile technology – to safeguard our past with another