reVistor for Tourism

Enhance guest experiences with immersive augmented reality scenes at the actual locations where they occurred. Guests can see history relived for better interpretation; better engagement with younger guest who can take pictures or ‘selfies’ in the scenes themselves. Full motion capability as in our ‘First Flight’ recreation at Kill Devil Hills.

Park Administrators, Tour Guides, and History gurus: For more information or to try set up a free demo app including 3D models at your site, write us at or call us at 919.744.4002

Guests discover nearby events
Details on the specific historical object or unit
General Sherman and his cavalry escort. Augmented Reality scene at The Bennett Place, North Carolina

over the shoulder of a Union riflemen. Confederate infantry in the distance at Bentonville Battlefield, NC
our signature event so far, full motion of the First Flights at Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina