reVistor for Creators

For our imaginative types, we have reVistor for reVistor for Creators. This app allows users to leverage the reVistor technology to create 3D Augmented Reality scenes around them! Place the Eifel Tower in a school yard and walk under it, create a battle scene between Civil War soldiers and Dinosaurs, see what a deck might look like behind your house – all of this and more. The completely free app has about 30 3D models from you to choose and place around you via an easy map interface.

If you are interested in adding your own models to the app or using the technology in a commercial application (landscapers, contractors, amusement parks, etc) please write us at or call us at 919.744.4002.

space fighters zoom past Skyscrapers in downtown Chicago via Augmented Reality
Select your models via control screen
and see your models appear at your designated location on the interactive map