reVistor for Builders

reVistor’s technology allows Home Builders to arm their Field Sales Teams with an impressive tool to allow buyers to visualize their future home on actual lots on site via Augmented Reality.

Sales Professionals can place 3D models from the Home Builder’s collection on lots via GPS coordinates. In an augmented reality view, a home model can be changed, pivoted or moved up or down to be situated for the home buyer’s review.

Then, via tablet or smart phone, the Sales Representative and Buyers can walk on the lot, viewing the home from different angles. Users can walk into, around, and through the future home – adding substantially to the home shopping experience! See the pics below!

Home or Commercial Builders: For more information or to try out a free demo app including a 3D home from your company’s models, write us at or call us at 919.744.4002
An empty lot
Choose the model home
Pick the lot to show the home buyer
See the augmented reality house on the lot

Walk around the future home and view from different angles
Sales agent can easily rotate house and move it up or down to perfect the experience